8 Easy Steps To Find Your Psychic Gift

This blog is all about defining your own spiritual path. For many of us, that path involves our psychic abilities. But if you’re just starting on your path you might be wondering, “What psychic gift do I have? Do I even have a psychic gift?”

find your psychic gift

Let me answer the second question first. Yes, you do have psychic gifts. I don’t think everyone does. There are millions of people in this world whose gifts lie in other areas: politics or athletics or strategy or cooking (though, no reason who can’t be gifted in any of those plus psychically).

What I do believe, with all my heart, is that if you have been drawn to this blog, this blog post, with a mind and soul that is open to possibilities, then you have the gift. If you searched out a post to find out if you have psychic gifts, then you do.

If you’re already wondering if you are a gifted psychic, then you are. You just might not have realised what that gift is yet.

What Psychic Gift Do I Have?

The answer to that question is harder, and is not something that can be found in an online quiz or by reading a blog post. Sometimes insight can be gained from psychics, but even that can be limited, because of the essential element: you need to believe.

It doesn’t matter if a tarot reader tells you that you have a gift for healing, or can hear spirits. It’s the sort of thing that’s easy to dismiss if you don’t discover it for yourself.

For this reason, it’s best to discover your gifts yourself. Lucky for you, while a blog post can’t tell you what your gifts are, it can tell you how to go about finding them.

I muddled through finding my own gifts, but I’ve thought back to what I did. It took me many years, and I didn’t realise what I was doing at the time, but I’ve picked out what I think were the essential steps in my bumbling journey forward.

So, here it is, a step-by-step guide to discovering your psychic gift.

Step 1 – Meditate

Maybe as a meditation teacher, I’m biased, but I believe that in developing both your spirituality and your psychic gift, meditation is key. You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: meditation is when you listen to God – and by God I mean the Divine, however you see it – which is where these gifts come from.

A regular meditation practice will give you the opportunity to still your mind and listen, and your guides the opportunity to pass on messages. Learning to listen to their nudges is important, because trusting those instincts is important in every flavour of psychic gift.

You may also find that the images and insights that come in your meditations point you towards different psychic disciplines. Think about the symbolism presented to you and see where they lead.

Step 2 – Explore

It’s no use trying to figure out what your gift is when you don’t even know what the options are. Do you remember at the end of high school everyone started wanting to talk to you about careers? When I was in high school they gave us a book that supposedly listed every possible career for us to read through.

I doubt that the book had every career (certainly blogger wasn’t in there), but letting us know the options was important. If you didn’t know that doctors existed, how would you even think to be one?

That’s what step two is about: looking at the options. If there’s a psychic fair in your area, go wander the aisles looking at what other people do. Explore the internet. Read lists of psychic gifts.

Search for ways to combine the things you already love to do with tuning into your intuition. For example, love art? There are artists who tune in to people’s guides and do portraits of them. Others who do beautiful paintings with spiritual themes that help manifest dreams in people’s lives.

See what you’re drawn to and then dig deeper. See what information you can find.

Step 3 – Experience

Anything that’s calling to you, that you think you’d like to learn, you should go experience. Find a practitioner, book an appointment, and see what it’s like from the other side.

You might not be able to do this – maybe something pretty rare has sparked your interest, or it’s something that’s fallen out of favour. For example, I used to see Rune readers pretty regularly, but I haven’t seen anyone offering runes in years in my area. Or maybe you live somewhere where there aren’t a lot of options.

If you have to skip this step, that’s okay, but if you can go see what a reading or healing is like, please make time and do so.

Step 4 – Do some courses

There are in person classes, online classes, visiting seminars, retreats. There are courses in healing, reading tarot, astrology, aromatherapy, colour therapy, dolphin essences, Atlantean history.

Play around. Do courses in the area that’s calling you. Do a course in an area that you’re curious about but you don’t think is really you. You’ll be amazed what you can pick up – I learnt psychometry during an aura healing course.

You don’t need to do the courses all at once. If you can’t afford courses or there are none in your area, try the library or a second-hand bookstore – there are books out there with full introductions to Celtic Shamanism (and Hawaiian Shamanism), magic, aromatherapy, tarot and probably all other sorts of things I never looked into.

Step 5 – Believe that there’s something there

As easy as that? No. Not at all. This is one of those ‘fake it til you make it’ times.

I’m not talking about faking your gift. That’s real. I’m talking about faking your belief in it.

There are some people who are born knowing that they have a gift. They always have their guides with them, or insights into the people around them. For them, their gift is like breathing – it just is.

For the rest of us, things aren’t that easy. This world is new and different. We’ve been told by the media and perhaps friends and family that none of it is real, maybe that all psychics are frauds, or misguided. Or that only certain people have the gift, those that are born with it.

We’re going to start hearing messages, or feeling intuitive nudges, or seeing or sensing auras or energy and we’re going to tell ourselves it’s our imagination. I know that, because I did, and so did everyone I’ve ever talked to about it.

Probably by this stage you’ve started feeling the nudges. You’re job is to act as if they’re real, until you get that nudge that makes you believe it actually is.

Step 6 – Experiment

Try out the different things you’ve learnt in your courses and reading and experiencing.

If you do an in-person class you’ll often have an opportunity to try things out with other students. But also try healing on yourself, draw an oracle card every day, pick out a crystal and feel its energy.

Mention to a couple of friends that you’ve learnt this new thing and you’ll probably be inundated with requests for readings.

And don’t just experiment with things you’ve learnt specifically; experiment with your intuition. Ask for a message and see if you pick it up. Read using something you’ve never used before, or even something that was never meant to be used.

True story: I once did readings for twenty people at a party with a deck entitled ‘52 Things To Do Before You Die’. One of the cards was ‘Poo in the Bath’ and it came up with terrifying regularity, but I made it work, by listening to my intuition.

Step 7 – Learn

By this stage you’ve probably got a pretty good handle on what your gift is and how to use it. But don’t stop learning about it.

Read new perspectives on it. See if you agree with them. Go to more courses. Write down what you learnt.

Ask questions of your guides and see what they tell you, or what information they send you through books, magazines or a new teacher.

Never stop learning.

Step 8 – Take your gift to the world

These sorts of gifts are best shared. Maybe you don’t want to make a career of it. Maybe you only really started this journey for your own curiosity or to answer your own questions.

That’s okay. I’m not going to urge you to set up shop or start going to fairs or hang your shingle up at the local cafe.

But if you have the opportunity, share. If a friend asks, don’t be afraid to grab cards or look inside their empty teacup. If you get a nudge about a family member, mention it, if you don’t think they’ll react badly. Send healing energy to the earth at large.

And if you do want to set up shop – welcome! The world could always use more lightworkers.

Where are you on your quest? Have you already discovered where you gift lies? How did you find out? Have I missed any steps? Let me know in the comments below!

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