Want to Connect to Spirit? Break the Rules

So you’re wanting to feel connected to Spirit? To feel closer to the Divine and understand your greater purpose in life and how to fulfill it. You know you have a Unique Spiritual Path and you want to walk it, with confidence and authenticity.

Here’s my advice to you.

Break the rules.

break the rules

Which rules?

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m a strong, independent woman, and I don’t have any rules to follow anymore”.

But you do. There are society’s rules, and the rules we encounter when dealing with family and friends. The rules we place on ourselves. Getting up early, doing the dishes before bed, that journal, meditation, yoga routine you have on Sunday mornings.

Maybe you have so many rules that you don’t know which one to pick to break.

But we all have things we do that restrain us, and getting out of those restraints can help us connect to our hearts and the Divine.

Okay, but how?

Please note: I am not advocating breaking the law.

What I am talking about is getting rid of the urge to fit in. To make our life perfect.

Here are some examples:

Don’t worry about people thinking you’re weird for walking barefoot along the river, or sitting in lotus on the grass in the park.

Let the dishes sit for one night, light a candle and relax in the bath.

Ignore the idea of ‘designing’ a garden, and just throw a pile of seed bombs in your backyard. Let divine nature take over and bring you a garden of your heart.

Put some inspiring music on and dance around in those flowers you and Mother Nature have grown.

Which rules again?

If your journal-meditation-yoga routine brings you peace and joy, then keep doing it. If getting up early ensures you’re on time for work, then set the alarm.

But there are so many rules in our lives that we put on ourselves for the sake of fitting in or keeping the peace, or even because other people tell us we should be doing it.

I think daily meditation is a wonderful habit to get into and really promotes spiritual growth. But if it isn’t working for you, then find something that does. Maybe for you, Divine wisdom comes when you journal, or draw. Maybe you find stillness in a daily run.

Giving up the shoulds allows room for you to find the things that fill your heart with joy. And it’s in that joy that you find connection to Spirit.

I spent my childhood being the weird one. My mother often described me as ‘odd’ to friends and family and I hated being singled out like that.

As I got older I tried to conform more. I was never going to fit in completely, but I found a group of friends and made my oddness fit them. And at work I wore a mask so that I didn’t stand out.

There’s nothing wrong with the odd mask, but I found I had friends and romantic partners who had no idea who I really was. It meant I could never be who I really was if other people were around.

One by one I dismantled the rules I’d forced myself to live by and started listening to my heart instead. Some friends dropped off, others became closer. But the most important part was that I’m now more me than I’ve been since I was about nine and cringing when I was called ‘the weird one’.

Start small.

Think about why you have a certain habit, or routine, or rule you follow.

And if it’s not serving you, there’s no reason to keep it in your life.

What rules are no longer serving you? Let me know in the comments!


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