Are These Items on Your Spiritual Bucket List?

Who here has a Bucket List? Don’t know what it is? It’s hard to miss these days, but just in case: a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

What’s on yours? Mine includes writing a novel, stay on an over-water hut in Bora Bora, visit Antarctica, learn Spanish. I think a lot of people have similar things.

But do you have a spiritual bucket list?

Spiritual Bucket List


If you’re reading this blog I’m going to assume that you’re interested in spirituality and your own spiritual growth, since that’s what the blog’s all about. So it seems logical that you’d have something spiritual-related on your list.

But – confession time – I didn’t for the longest time.

Then I read about Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest. The interesting thing about Steve’s quest is that he splits it up into categories. Steve uses continents, but my writer’s heart got inspired and began to look at character archetypes.

The adventurer/rogue for travel goals, leader for career goals, the bard for my writing goals and the warrior for my fitness goals.

Then there was the priest or mystic. And suddenly I had a page of spiritual goals I’d never thought of before. There were so many things in my spiritual life that I wanted to do, but had never written down.

Like any area of your life, writing down those goals is a huge step in actually manifesting them. If you’re a spiritual person, you really need to add some spiritual items to your bucket list.

So, in the interest of inspiring you, here are the top 10 items on my spiritual bucket list.

1. El Camino

I’ve always liked the idea of walking a route taken by millions of seekers before me, seeing what I can glean from the energy they left behind, and El Camino has been a Christian Pilgrimage since the 9th Century AD, and was a pagan pilgrimage before that. Even today, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims make the journey each year (277,915 in 2016). The Christian pilgrimage ends at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, but the pagan route continues for one or two days (depending on how fast you walk) to Cape Finisterre, which the Romans thought was the westernmost point of Europe.

2 Study With a Shaman

I’ve always been drawn to shamanism and working with spirits. There seems to be something very grounded about the way that they work, which truly resonates with me. I hope the Universe brings me an opportunity to do this.

3 Do a Week Long Spiritual Retreat by Myself

Just, go out to a cabin somewhere. No television. No computer. Just me, some uplifting books, and wilderness to explore both within myself and in the world outside. The idea of being without television terrifies me, just thinking about it, which is why I think this would be such a powerful experience for me.

4 Spend a Month Without Artificial Lights

Okay, this one probably seems weird. There was a study done where people went without artificial lights for a month. When the sun went down, the lights went off. No television. No computer. No phone (though the study was done pre-smartphones). Once the people in the experiment caught up on sleep, they experienced ‘bimodal’ sleep. They would wake up in the middle of the night and experience a kind of mystical wakefulness. It was described as a state of mindfulness – what we call in creative visualisation meditation, a shift of consciousness. I want to see what it’s like.

5 Learn Seichim

One of my favourite things about my spirituality is the way that I can send and receive energy to help heal people. Seichim is a healing modality said to be based on ancient Egyptian teachings. Every new modality I learn gives me new skills and knowledge to bring to both healing others and my own self-healing and I’d love to learn this one day.

6 Meditate at the Oracle at Delphi

Another pilgrimage of sorts. I’ve always felt drawn to Greek traditions, and the Oracle at Delphi especially. I want to see where a meditation at this place of power would take me.

7 A Year of Red Tents

For those not in the know, a Red Tent is a women’s gathering held once a month on (or near) the new moon. The name comes from red tents where women were meant to sequester themselves while menstruating.

Red tents are about helping women find their power, especially through things that society has told us are bad, wrong or disgusting, and I’d love to see where a year with that sort of focus would take me.

8 Finish my Pilgrimage Quest

Okay, I’ve already talked about walking in the spiritual footsteps of those that came before through doing El Camino. But it’s not just El Camino that I dream of doing. I have a dream of doing nine pilgrimages in nine years. I’m calling it a quest, and I started this year with a personal pilgrimage to the Wisdom Path in Hong Kong (look for my write-up in a couple of weeks!). I want to explore the spirituality of many different cultures and see where our ideas of the Divine intersect, and what better way to do this than walk the footsteps of the most devout?

9 Attend a Major Religious Service for Different Religions

This comes back to the pilgrimage as well, and seeing the ways we’re the same. I don’t know which religions yet, or where I’ll attend, but I’m planning to travel and see the world and I think there’ll be ample opportunity to open my eyes and soul to the wonders in other religions.

10 Find Inner Peace

It’s always nice to have something on your list that you may never get to do. If you reach all your goals, what do you have left to live for?

Finding inner peace isn’t something you can just tick off. Even if you find it for a moment, it will be gone the next. It’s something to keep striving for (or not striving for – striving is probably the wrong word!) every day.

So this will remain on my bucket list, a reminder of what I’m seeking every day.

What are some of your spiritual bucket list items? Anything you think I should add? Let me know in the comments!””

3 thoughts on “Are These Items on Your Spiritual Bucket List?

  1. So inspirational Kaia. Makes me think what’s on my spiritual bucket list? I’m not sure I’ve even thought about it. Very interesting!

    1. Lots of things that you could add to it. If you put El Camino on yours you can do it with me! It’s only a 30-day walk, or thereabouts.

  2. I already do the Red Tent, the things to add are attending every solstice and other celebration in my lical community, visit the wailing wall, a pilgrimage along Aboriginal songlines (if I can), standing circles in Europe, Stonehenge or smaller henges in Britain, Glastonbury Tor, a Shaman journey (without ayahuasca). There’s more but that’ll do for now.

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